We’re an ethically led, values-driven business

Building resilience to, and trying to solve, the world’s trickiest social issues comes with a unique set of ethical challenges. We take seriously our responsibility to act transparently and with integrity.

Having a clearly defined set of values and an ethics code of conduct means everyone who works at Zinc Network is clear about the kinds of projects we do, and the way we act in delivering them.

Our CEO, Robert Elliott, outlines our commitment to ethical behaviours and policies.

Our core ethical principles

Our code of conduct covers the following ethical principles:

Respecting privacy when researching human behaviour


  • We respect the agency of those taking part in our research programmes, with participants fully briefed on a project’s objectives and able to disengage at any stage
  • We respect people’s right to privacy when we conduct open-source digital research and only report personally identifiable content in specific circumstances: i.e. if there is a threat to the user, or the public’s safety

Supporting everyone working with us


  • We respect the agency of individuals, organisations, partners and staff working with us, and fully brief everyone on a project’s objectives
  • We aim to support everyone working on our projects and manage risks accordingly; for example, support coping with tackling the issue of online child abuse

Building a network with integrity and acting transparently


  • We work only with clients and partners who want to deal with problems effectively and do not contradict the core values of democracy and free speech
  • When creating or co-creating content, we enforce strict accuracy guidelines

Our work is under constant review

Led by an experienced ethicist, Thomas Kent, our ethics board is completely independent of the management team. It reviews every aspect of the business and acts as a vital check on whether we’re living up to our code of conduct and ethics principles.

We are also committed to publishing a report every year that outlines how we consider the impact of our decisions on workers, customers, suppliers, communities and the environment. The first report is due in January 2021 and will be authored by our ethics board.