We help our clients deliver meaningful, measurable change around some of the most complex social issues facing the world today.

Fostering good governance and democratic renewal

Promoting information integrity and media freedom

Countering extremism and radicalisation

Preventing online harms, including child sexual abuse 

Championing animal and environmental welfare

Building the capacity of civil society organisations


To unlock effective solutions, we use a combination of robust research, behavioural science and creativity.

The Zinc Network Approach

Our unique, eight-stage method provides both rigour and flexibility to deliver on our guiding principle:
meaningful, measurable change.

Our Network

Real change is about much more than mission statements, boardroom pledges and hashtags.

Making a difference

On each project we engage a network of partners: academics, civil society groups, influencers, media companies and brands. Their on-the-ground knowledge and insight ensures those closest to the issue are right at the heart of our work. 

In The News

Telegram – a tool for hostile actors or a force for good?

Telegram has been no stranger to media scrutiny since its inception in 2013. In this post, we explore whether Telegram is the tool of global bad actors or a force for good.

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Tackling increasing levels of gender-based violence in Afghanistan

Preventing gender-based violence is complex and difficult in most countries. But in Afghanistan, how do you deliver an intervention that starts to challenge centuries of violence?

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Supporting independent media in the Baltic States

The independent media landscape is changing, and so must media development programmes that support it.

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Clients and Partners