We are Zinc Network

We help our clients deliver meaningful, measurable change around some of the most complex social issues facing the world today.

Our in-house capabilities include research (both quantitative, qualitative and OSINT), strategy development, media development, communications (including digital marketing) and training and capacity building. We also partner with specialist organisations to deliver policy shaping, product and service design and provision, and organisational change and transformation programmes. We bring together these capabilities around a model, as shown below, that’s focused on robust insights, behavioural science and creativity.

Our Approach

At the center of our work are people and communities. To reach and influence them, we work with large organizations as well as a network of grassroots partners – those closest to the issues we tackle.

We design behavioral science informed interventions that change attitudes and actions for the better. Our creative teams work with partners to ensure the work engages and resonates with the target audience. We develop partner capabilities, embedding our methods and ideas through training, support and collaboration. We encourage and compensate genuine advocates for the causes we support. It’s a rigorous philosophy, not a rigid one. We innovate, iterate and optimize throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Across each project, we work across eight key stages:

We map the problem

First, we survey the territory: the key actors and the social and regulatory environment they operate in.

We understand the audience

We build up a detailed picture of the macro and micro influences on the people we’re trying to reach.

We diagnose

How do the influences on our audience shape their thoughts and actions? Behavioural science helps us unlock the answers.

We design

Once we know how our audience behaves, we suggest the most effective ways to reach them.

We ideate

By using creativity and innovation, we bring our plans to life.

We co-create

By engaging our partners, we ensure our inventions have both reach and resonance

We deliver

Effectively managing a project at every stage is essential. We provide ongoing support to maximise value-for-money and minimise risk.

We sustain

Through blended funding and partnerships, we ensure our interventions are scalable, sustainable and long-term.