Reducing the impact of harmful web content

Users of the Bing search engine who seek out potentially harmful web content will be served advertising that aims to build their resilience to this material, using a plan developed by Zinc Network.

The Guide methodology draws on Zinc Network’s years of experience in search marketing and digital research. When a user searches for content that could be seen as concerning, or suggestive of intent to commit violence, they will be served messages designed to encourage an alternative path.

Rather than blocking access to potentially harmful content, the Guide methodology aims to present alternative messages: choice still rests with the individual, but the aim is to prompt them to take a step back and reflect before making a balanced decision on what to do next.

Each message served is matched to particular search terms, and will be paid for by Microsoft, using Bing ad credits. The advertising aims to address a broad range of potentially harmful issues and underlying vulnerabilities.

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