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Countering fake news and championing authentic voices

Fake news contaminates the communications environment, undermines democracies, weakens international alliances and can increase polarisation. We work with governments, academics and tech companies to understand the information and media ecosystem and create solutions that tackle false narratives, promote a balanced and independent media sector, and empower positive voices to counter mistruths and misconceptions.

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Supporting independent media in the Baltics

We’re working with independent media organisations and online influencers to tackle fake news, misconceptions and divisive commentary.

Championing environmental and animal welfare

The world is facing unprecedented environmental threats. We work to tackle everything from plastic pollution to the ivory trade via our own independent Zinc Facebook channel – with a global reach of over 1.7 billion people – and through our partnerships with governments and charities.

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Why we joined the fight against plastics

It’s hard to believe now, but back in 2016 hardly anyone was talking about plastic. With ‘Blue Planet 2’ still a year and a half away from being released, only NGOs were talking about the…

GravityLight powers 38 million views

An electric light powered solely by gravity? It’s an astonishing story — and when it landed in my inbox last year, I knew I had to commission a film about it for our Facebook video…

Building community resilience to violence and extremism

We’re helping governments and charities around the world build resilience to violence and extremism. We amplify the voices of civil society groups and positive influencers, building up their skills and championing their creative ideas. We also work with governments to deliver education campaigns, helping parents and teachers spot the signs of radicalisation.

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Overcoming sectarian divides in coastal Kenya

On the Kenyan coast we helped to bring polarised communities together through theatre, film and role play to tackle the drivers of sectarian violence and extremism.

Impactful stories celebrating all Australians

We’re exploring and celebrating the stories of young Australians from all walks of life to tackle marginalisation and improve representation.